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A greenhouse that’s mastered enchantment

Shopping at Wentworth Greenhouse is an enchanting experience.

The instant you step out of your vehicle it’s apparent that Wentworth isn’t your typical greenhouse. Their modern design is open, inviting, and artistically mesmerizing. They have taken a predicable space and flipped it on it’s head. Not only do they have an indoors, they also have an outdoor area. The amount of space is borderline overwhelming.

I looked up more than I looked down.

They are everywhere! Not like vultures at a car dealership. Busy about their day, watering, sweeping, trimming, but always offering a welcoming smile that speaks, “if you need something please don’t hesitate to ask.” When you do ask, they know the answer, or better yet, know the person who does.

They Have Coffee
mmm… Green Mountain Coffee. Take a cup, walk around, take your time, spend some time with us. Be a part of our family.

The Plants
This comes purposefully last. All greenhouses have plants. But Wentworth offers unique varieties that make you go, “wait, huh? Soil Free Plants?” Or instinctively take our your camera and snap a photo.

These soil free plants are so interesting. You just let them sit out, and every few days dunk them in water.

No idea what this flower is, but if I was a bee I'd land on it. Hopefully it's not carnivorous.

When was the last time a company enchanted you?


A moment of calm

Trading my desk for a greenhouse,
just for a day,
but that day was just what the doctor ordered.
A change in routine to that allowed my mind a moment of calm.

This definitely beats the view from my office.

If you’re not familiar, Laurel Grove is a large florist and greenhouse in my hometown. They do beautiful work, and since my first Valentine’s Day arrangement, I’ve always been a fan.

Here are some flower portraits form the day. Remember that Mother’s Day is this Sunday.

A day of mixed feelings

Sun from the highway.

I woke up today to a Twitter engulfed with news, comments, and reflections on the death of Bin Laden.

I spent most of my breakfast, retweeting comments from friends. They touched every emotional string, from relief, happiness, reflection, sadness, and laughter.

Each of them shared how I was feeling.

There was one that has stayed with me. Posted by friend @heydavebell.

Whatever good or bad comes from this, I know there is still much work ahead. Stay safe.

Reflection on 26 years

My morning walk with the dog.

Today I will reflect.

A moment to reflect on how I arrived at this very point.
The infinite webs that exist to allow for such a simple moment.

As I reflect, I think of friends.
Friends who have helped mold me into who I am today.

I remember the moments of change.
Those defining moments that shape our being,
sometimes controlled,
sometimes by chance.

I try to understand where I have been, to see where I am going.
To measure failures so I may plan for success.

But most simply.
Enjoy a moment that every single living thing shares,

A birthday.

Breaking free of a downward trend

100% chance of coffee and a book this morning. BYOLC - Bring Your Own Lawn Chair

What can breaking free of a downward trend do?

  1. It allows the above photo to happen. It gives you mornings for yourself, not for rushing to work worrying about what isn’t getting done. 
  2. It creates time for reflection and planning, not reacting and chasing.
  3. It builds a team’s self-esteem! 
  4. It allows for creative growth, experimentation, dreaming, and professional development.
  5. It creates positive anticipation, not negative anxiety.

Most importantly… It’s a lot of fun to be a part of. Here’s to looking forward, working hard, believing in yourself, and appreciating the results.

How does your organization appreciate results?

Mystical early morning fog

Early morning on Lake Talcott

This past month, I’ve been obsessing over my photo’s panoramic feature. Every now and then it can’t find landmarks when stitching the photo together, and I end up with some really cool atmospheric effects.

Here’s an example with the fog rising off Lake Talcott at @nyycamp.

Leaving Paradise

Vernal pool in the forest at camp.

Dear friends,

Ashley and I have made a big life decision over the past few weeks. I want to share it here and will continue to share my journey with you as we move forward.


It can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working at camp. Ok, I can. I’ve had a ridiculously good time. It’s been magical and continues to teach me more than I could have ever imagined. Camp is the reason for who I am.

I know that sounds far-fetched, but it’s true. I started at camp in March of 2002, still a senior in high school. Through college and my young adult life, camp has instilled values that I will continue to carry with me.

With all that, it’s hard to say that this July, Ashley and I will move off camp to begin a new leg of our journey.

Why leave paradise?

The one thing camp has always provided is stability. Housing, income, friends, challenges, fun. I knew my junior year in college it’s where I wanted to be.

Because it’s offered such stability, Ashley and I never had to search within ourselves. We missed the struggles of finding ourselves, where we want to live, and our development as twenty somethings.

Leaving the nest, the nest that has been so good to us, is frightening and exciting. I’m now entering a life stage that all my college friends went through as they graduated, and I missed.

Gosh, I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss camp. It’s my home, but don’t worry camp will continue to grow. Yes, grow. Over the past few years I’ve watched us spread our wings, take our first flight, and begin to soar. It’s been awesome and our staff will continue to make it magical.

If I can say one last thing. This isn’t goodbye.