About Me

Teaching my beautiful wife Ashley about maple seeds.

Abstract Random. These two words cover such a vast majority of my personality that the only other thing worth mentioning is that I’m an Asian male.

What does it mean to be abstract random?

I focus on relationships and the infinite web that exists between all of us. It fascinates me that this web is volatile enough to change lives in a millisecond, but also patient enough to make change over centuries. To exist in such an unpredictable state, I believe one must be flexible and adaptable.

I like to see the big picture. Let’s take a few steps back. Ok, now let’s take another 30. By seeing the big picture we can pinpoint items of importance while understanding how this current picture fits into an even larger picture. I know, another infinite idea.

I bring groups together through positive relationships. Words such as emotional, sociable, understanding, empathetic, and phrases such as support the team, understand differences, and meet each other’s needs mean a lot to me.

I enjoy listening.

I become very enthusiastic and focused on specific ideas and projects. This enthusiasm leads to creative bursts of energy and why my career started at a summer camp.