SNEAK PEAK at my PodCamp slides

I’ve been working on my presentation this week for PodCamp.

What’s a PodCamp you ask? PodCamp NH is an innovative gathering of new media enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone curious about what comes next in blogging, social media, podcasting, video on the net, and so much more.

This year I’ll be presenting on engagement and more importantly the steps people can take to accomplish it. This topic stems from my post in July: Stop Confusing Communication with Engagement.

A. But where do I start? That's what so many people seem confused about. It's six easy steps.

B. Good engagement is built upon good communication, but let's not confuse the two.

C. Most conversations stop here, and as people talk about how important it is to engage, and why we should do it. All crap if you don't know what to do with it.

D. The most important slide. See that spot where all three circles overlap? That's what we're aiming for.

Ok, so I said there were 6 steps, but I can’t give you all the steps just yet. I still want you to come to my presentation. Don’t worry I will post slides afterward. 

E. Best part of the presentation; taking local businesses, and using the six steps to show how they can build engagement.

I hope to see you at PodCamp. Please post any comments, suggestions, or questions below. No subscription needed.


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