The time is now for colleges and social media to meet

I love my alma mater, The College of Saint Rose. More than anything, the college allowed me to grow and learn from my mistakes. Man were there a lot of mistakes.  

I follow St. Rose’s online presence quietly, but it’s time for them to join the game and start using social media to truly benefit their current and future students, along with their alumni.

Dear St. Rose, Here are the top 5 things you should be doing online right now. There is no reason that you can’t be a leader:

  1. Think of your website as a story telling tool. Right now it’s way too cluttered. One thing you can do is clean up your entire photo area and make it scrolling photos that have quotes from parents and students. The photos should be of students learning life lessons, not just of commencement. Every college has commencement, hell every commencement looks exactly the same.
  2. Change your Twitter name to @strose. Why? Because your current name is confusing and long. Even your bio says your name three different ways. You use @strose, because it’s engrained in every students’ head for their email, and it’s also your website.
  3. Find your top competition and all the most influential people in higher education; follow them. Watch what they do on social media, learn from them, and communicate with them.
  4. Tell me why I should follow you on any social media platform. Getting updated information on campus happenings isn’t good enough. I don’t follow you currently because I’ve never been asked.
  5. Buy a dozen HD flipcams, quickly before they stop selling them. Then give them to your students. Have them shoot clips of their life at strose. Download those clips, and mash them into a raw, honest video.
I’d love to chat more about these ideas and how they might fit into your social media strategy.
Readers, have any additional ideas? Feel free to add them below.

2 responses to “The time is now for colleges and social media to meet

  1. Hi Doug!

    My name is Kayla, and I am the (recently hired) E-Media Coordinator at The College of Saint Rose. Thanks for taking the time to put together some suggestions, we really appreciate it. Hopefully you’ve noticed more of our presence online recently. My position will help build content and foster relationships with our Saint Rose community, just like you mention in your post.

    Some of the changes you suggested are already in process. Our Twitter name will be going through a change soon; unfortunately we can’t fit our whole name, but we’re dropping the underscores and will be using “CollegeofStRose.” We also are in the process of building a blog, where we will have student posts and videos. Look for those and more in the coming months.

    Thanks again for the post, we love hearing from alumni. And- let me take the time to personally invite you to join us on Facebook. You’ll start to see some changes there too.


    PS- The Facebook URL will be shortened soon as well!

  2. Kayla,

    Thanks for your response. I’m glad to hear that StRose has someone dedicated to emerging media. I’ve always been very critical about StRose’s online communication because I know it can be so much better.

    I look forward to your upcoming changes, and I’d still suggest using @StRose. It would save you 8 characters for a tweet, and if someone Googles “strose” you guys come up first.


    PS. Why should I join your Facebook group? Remember to give nonmembers a compelling reason. You can even tailor each message for the population your speaking to.

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