G+ Open Office Hours

To create a space where individuals can share and receive feedback on projects they are working on in the moment.

I’ll post to G+ a project that I’m working on at that very moment. I’m calling it G+ Open Office Hours. I’ll give a quick overview of what I’m working on, and will invite people to share their ideas about the particular idea. I will also be asking people to share what they are currently working on at that moment as well.

As I wrap up different projects for the day, I’ll post that I’m closing G+ Open Office Hours for the particular topic.

I want to encourage conversation on the things that are happening at that very moment. Too much is being shared about what we’ve read, watched, saw, and heard. All things in the past. But what are we doing in the moment?

I’m very interested in seeing how video and photos can be used to share ideas as well, i.e. screenshots, demos, explanations, etc… Hangouts is also another option, but not a must.

You can join me on G+ here:
Or email me for a G+ invite.


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