Coffee Shops – Share while you sip

Looking around the coffee shops I frequent, I see three things:

  1. People enjoying themselves
  2. Lots of computers and phones
  3. Most importantly lots of sitting, no rushing.

This got me thinking… How can coffee shops encourage their patrons to share their experience? Turn this simple visit into a sharing and communication opportunity.  

While sitting at a local shop, I sketched this:

Call to action
It tells people what we want them to do. “As you sip, share about us.” Depending on your taste it could be more direct. 

We know patrons have a great experience at our shop (this is not true for all shops), so let’s get them sharing those feelings with their friends online.

Tells them where to share
Putting actual icons tells people where to share. If you’ve got a great espresso artist and have a big flickr following, put the flickr logo. Only put the logos of sites where you are actively communicating.

Show love to your biggest fans
The 3rd part is the 2d code. The sky is the limit on the 2d code’s use, but a simple idea would be:

  • Have it share a message such as, “Tag your comment today with #2dcoffee for your chance to win a free ________. We pick a winner each week!” Hell, one winner? Coffee isn’t that expense, pick 10 winners!
  • Ask them to sign up for a newsletter. “Sign up for our monthly newsletter about everything coffee. Newsletters also include coupons for FREE coffee or new menu items. 

HOLD UP. Why the heck would you give away free stuff? Remember these are your biggest fans. These are the people spending time at your shop, willing to scan a code, and share their email. These few people want to have a closer connection with you. Who better than to try your new menu item out on, or just reward them?

You’re at your local coffee shop, you love it, would you share something with your friends? As a frequent customer, would you appreciate being rewarded?


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