Stop confusing communication with engagement

…it’s only hurting us, and our relationship with consumers. There is a clear difference between the word communicate and engage, so why are people using them as if they are the same?

Defining communicate and engage

Talking about one’s engagement strategy is great, but people need to understand that engagement means you are involving others and making meaningful connections with them. This in turn attracts others who begin participating and building their own meaningful connection with you and the community. Communication is just a small part of an engagement strategy.

What I hear most people sharing is a communications strategy. Important yes, but not nearly as cool as engagement.

Here’s what I propose. Let’s all assume we can communicate. It’s easy; answer questions, convey ideas, start conversation, etc… That’s now the price of admission. The conversation is now about how we are building meaningful relationships with our community. Again, yes you need to communicate, but how are we involving them? How are we elevating individuals to make connections?


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