Balancing Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

With a new platform in town, I’m struggling to find the balance and usefulness of Google+. The word struggle is a bad choice, better word is discover. Hey, it’s new, aren’t we all discovering?

The past two days I’ve found this balance between the three. Obviously things will change, probably tomorrow, but it’s a start.

Facebook is now keeper of all my non-tech hungry friends and family. Almost all of my FB friends don’t have a @handle and don’t check their email. FB will still be the way I contact them.

In the end, it’s clunky. Once you’ve entered FB’s world it’s hard to get back out, everything is about them.

Twitter is where my chats are happening.
It’s fast, quick, and easy. I can share what I’m thinking or respond to a question. It’s almost all professional friends as well. Very few personal friends have @handles and even fewer Tweet more than twice a week.

My issue with Twitter is sharing outside information. Yes it’s easy to share a link, but until I click on it, I have no clue what to expect. Not even a thumbnail. Then I can’t easily see a comment thread based around the shared link.

G+ link:
Google+ is my reference and how I’m finding articles and posts that pertain to me.
Right now I’m finding their Spark feature to be a valuable tool in finding new information and their Stream to be a useful way to keep track of what circles are posting. I also really enjoy being able to respond to posts directly in the notifications window. Simple, it doesn’t make me leave my current view, and takes two clicks and a few seconds.

How are you finding the balance between the three new powers? I hesitate to call them ALL “super powers.” I think Google is on the right track but has more growing to do.

Brian DeKoning from Vital Media just shared this post from Christina Trapolino which shares some of her great thoughts on G+:


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  1. I am in accordance completely!!!

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