Testing… Testing… Is anyone out there?

9:44PM – Twitter just decided to take a nap for a bit. It’s been 8 minutes, and the only reason why I noticed was because I’m on #socialchat.

Twitter's Fail Whale. What a great name.

I know Twitter goes down every once and a while and it’s free so one can’t complain too much. BUT I’m wondering:

What have you been doing?
Where did you go?
How many times did you click the refresh button on whatever app you use?

9:46PM – Ahh. it’s back!  Rejoining #socialchat, but will finish in a moment.

10:04PM – I’m interested in hearing how people react when forms of communication go down. Especially now that there are other platforms to quickly grab our attention.

Interested to know what you did! I jumped to G+ and Facebook, but always looking at my chat tab.


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