The 140-stroke twitter masterpiece

This post began as a tweet from @TaraMarkus

I asked Tara to share her thoughts on the art of Twitter.

Twitter, in my mind is a gateway to relationship investment and enrichment. This is the reason Tweets are like works of Art. The Art of conversation has much value. When we at least attempt to design each Tweet as if it were 140 character masterpiece we then start to create an ‘art form of communication’. Throughout history and probably forever more Art will continue to speak volumes. Art allows us to express our unique individuality and our message to the world. With this in mind, I feel “Twitter is a platform and tweets are an art form that become our signature!” – Tara

After talking with Tara, and being from a sculpture background, I began to wonder… How would one begin to craft a masterpiece tweet?

Scale – How large is your studio space?
Twitter helps us determine the scale with a 140-character limit, but just because a piece of artwork is big doesn’t make it good. RTs are an important reason to not use the entire 140-character limit.

Depending on the length of your handle you’ll want to leave enough room for “RT @yourhandle” Personally, I aim for tweets no longer than 125-characters in length.

Connection – How does your work speak to us?
We’ve determined the approximate scale, now it’s time to determine the message you are attempting to convey. All great works of art make a connection with an audience. Your audience needs to be drawn in, your message needs to speak to them and want them to share their experience with friends.

Artistic Craftsmanship – Even the Surrealists knew what they were doing.
There are some works of art that take months if not years to create, but most often in the world of Twitter you’ll have just a few seconds. Remember craftsmanship is still very important.

Craft it:

  • Keep your tweets short and direct. Make sure to leave enough space for your followers to RT.
  • Know your audience and speak to them. Don’t waste the opportunity; Twitter is your gallery and you need to create something that’s worth showing.
  • Take three seconds to proof your tweet. Read it aloud and cut out the crap before posting.

To me a great tweet is a like a work of art. It needs thought and an audience to show to. Sometimes it can be controversial and other times it can inspire. In the end, it should be accessible to your audience and worth spending some time with (even if that time is just a few seconds).

How would you describe your perfect tweet?


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