The week of many lasts

Being that this is my last week at camp, I thought I’d reflect on some memories that have made my time unforgettable and so special.

I got my first job at camp through a friend in the kitchen. It was March 2002. My responsibilities included washing pots, dishes, the floor, and helping to serve food. Come June I knew I wasn’t going to make it through the summer.

My supervisor suggested I talk with our Day Camp director. OK, I liked working with kids. That summer was the beginning of my tenure at Day Camp, which would eventually lead me to one day becoming director.

Here are a few moments I noticed today. No I haven’t teared up:

  • I introduced for the last time my very close friend who presents the week’s slideshows. The staff loved her work, as they should.
  • I took my last all staff photo. It went much smoother than years past.
  • I posted on Facebook for the last time the annual “When will the first camper arrive?” question.

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