My mission to put a local florist on the Facebook map

There is a wonderful florist and greenhouse in my hometown. They are very likeable and very liked, but aren’t on Facebook and missing a huge opportunity to engage their fans.

Why aren’t they of Facebook already?
Being afraid of the unknown.

My first goal is to present enough relevant information so the owners can make an educated decision about creating a page. My hope is that they say yes. Here are some notes I’m suggesting we sit down and chat about. Please add your comments below.

What are the opportunities for a florist and greenhouse to be on Facebook?
Facebook will provide a new form of communication that will build brand recognition with current and potential customers. Relevant, timely, and engaging conversations will position this florist and greenhouse to be always present when current customers are ready to make a sale.

Huge opportunities for word of mouth marketing; the best type of marketing.

We know Facebook success doesn’t happen overnight, so let’s strategize.
A strategy will need to be developed and implemented over time. Focus on  A. building relationships, and B. engaging customers.

There are some key items to include in this strategy.
1. The voice.
2. Responding to comments, questions, and concerns.
3. Appropriate responses to concerns, and dissatisfaction of customers
4. Ability to commit long-term.

You’ve got plenty to share! You are a truly enchanting place and your customers are already on Facebook.

  • It’s a great time to plant ________. They like partial shade, and plenty of water.
  • Share with us your top gardening tips.
  • What are you growing in your garden?
  • Share your garden photos and be entered to win a planting consultation with the owner.
  • Weekend sale!
  • Photos of the greenhouse
  • Don’t forget Thanksgiving centerpieces. If you order by November 1st and mention you’re a fan, we’ll take 10% off you’re entire order.

How much is this going to cost?
Supporting a Facebook page does take time and money. The florist should be prepared to spend 30 minutes a day responding fans, posting messages, developing engagement, measuring engagement, and tracking analytics.


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