Because who wants to watch a 5 minute video?

One of the most important things I’ve learned on YouTube this year is keeping things short and sweet.

Yes, there are key videos that need a storyboard, but as I walk around camp with my trusty Droid X, video opportunities such as this one seem to appear from every angle. I find my creativity peaks when I’m looking at the entire picture, not just small sections.

Making shorter videos also allows creative content to be shared almost instantly. The above video is a great example. Thursday night we had a staff beach party. People danced, they had a great time. Thursday night I was able to upload this video to YouTube and Facebook.

When I’m talking to other camps about videos I give them three pieces of advice.

1. 2-5 minutes
2. Storyboard key videos, let everything else come naturally
3. Take it, edit it, publish it. Never sit on material, it will most likely be forgotten.

NOTE: If you do happen to visit New York YMCA Camp’s YouTube Channel you will find videos that are longer than 5 minutes. These longer slideshows are posted for participants of weekend programs. I doubt anyone anyone other than the participants watch them in their entirety.


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