A greenhouse that’s mastered enchantment

Shopping at Wentworth Greenhouse is an enchanting experience.

The instant you step out of your vehicle it’s apparent that Wentworth isn’t your typical greenhouse. Their modern design is open, inviting, and artistically mesmerizing. They have taken a predicable space and flipped it on it’s head. Not only do they have an indoors, they also have an outdoor area. The amount of space is borderline overwhelming.

I looked up more than I looked down.

They are everywhere! Not like vultures at a car dealership. Busy about their day, watering, sweeping, trimming, but always offering a welcoming smile that speaks, “if you need something please don’t hesitate to ask.” When you do ask, they know the answer, or better yet, know the person who does.

They Have Coffee
mmm… Green Mountain Coffee. Take a cup, walk around, take your time, spend some time with us. Be a part of our family.

The Plants
This comes purposefully last. All greenhouses have plants. But Wentworth offers unique varieties that make you go, “wait, huh? Soil Free Plants?” Or instinctively take our your camera and snap a photo.

These soil free plants are so interesting. You just let them sit out, and every few days dunk them in water.

No idea what this flower is, but if I was a bee I'd land on it. Hopefully it's not carnivorous.

When was the last time a company enchanted you?


2 responses to “A greenhouse that’s mastered enchantment

  1. Beautiful photography!

  2. Thank you. It’s always a treat to visit their greenhouse and just walk around.

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