The time has come to market in a whole new way

This morning at 10am I held our weekly marketing and communications meeting. It is regularly attended by:

Wheaton, The Exec – The Final Yes or No.
Chris, The Associate Exec – The Muscle.
Jenny, Camp Registrar – The Mom, The Heart.
Leanne, HR – The Historian (what did we do and when).
Susan, Business Manager – The Numbers
Me, Communications Coordinator – The Glue.

This meeting was like no other meeting we’ve had in the past. This was the meeting where we finally went from talking about how nice it would be to sell out, to ACTUALLY selling out of certain sessions.

The conversation that happened next was a bit clumsy. We’ve never had the opportunity to discuss how to leverage sold out sessions.

After some debate, I convinced the group that this news wasn’t something we should sit on, but something we should be proud to shout from the roof tops. We’ve been waiting for this moment for years!

We have a quality product parents want, and now it’s so popular it’s becoming hard to get. Sign up now, don’t be left out! OK, those are definitely not the words we’ll use, but this is what I was yelling and laughing as I jumped around the room cheering (in my head of course).

Stay tuned as we navigate these new waters, and we roll out new messaging.


2 responses to “The time has come to market in a whole new way

  1. My thoughts-
    Other camps have different prices for popular weeks.
    Week #1 of gymnastics camp 2012 $950 (tier 1)
    Week #2 of gymnastics camp 2012 $875 (tier 1)

    Week #1 and 2 (early registration) $1775 and includes a 1:1 private lesson in the gym with coach of your choice


  2. Tony, Thanks for your comment.

    You’re right. Preferred services and products can be give higher rates depending on demand. This is something we should look at for your camp in 2012.

    I really like your final point, because it recognizes the best customers and shows appreciation.

    P.S. Looks like we’ll be coming up Saturday afternoon. See you this weekend.

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