The art of change

Taking a photograph in NYC gallery.

The art of change is,
not can be,

The unknowns are clouds that block my judgement.
Outside of my mind others see this change as exciting,
something they wish they could do.

Just get up and go,
where ever they wanted.
I now know why they don’t.

Because it’s terrifying.

Actually, pause.
Thinking of it,
I’m now doing and facing many things I’ve never done before.
Finding a job,
a place to live,
a place to call my own.

This journey then is not terrifying it’s growth.

I now remember growing up and having aches and pains as my body grew and stretched beyond it’s current comfort zone.
“Growing pains,” my mom would say.

This journey is not terrifying,
it’s growth,
and these,
are just growing pains.


2 responses to “The art of change

  1. Nathan Fanton

    Very nice Doug. I feel as if this poem speaks to so many people on so many levels. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Nathan,
    After speaking with many friends our age, it does seem like this is something lots of people are feeling. Funny how the education system teaches us many facts, but not how to navigate these life feelings.

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