Excerpts from my portfolio are up

Today I will present the 2010-2011 Marketing and Communications Portfolio to the board of directors. I’ve taken a few examples from the document and posted them on two new pages.

Hope you enjoy!

Portfolio – Print Pieces

Portfolio – Online Media

A Bit About Print Pieces
Below are five examples of print material I have used in campaigns over the past year. Each project supports a specific campaign with language that targets individual populations.

A majority of our marketing material is printed to target much of our population who prefers to receive traditional marketing pieces. Over the past year, I have begun to shrink our print material, relying more on postcards. In the next few years, I believe we will see a more balanced approach between print and online marketing material.

A Bit About My Graphic Designer
I’ve been lucky to work with a talented graphic designer, Valentina Savio, who has helped shape our message and develop our look. The success of these projects wouldn’t have been possible without her.

A Bit About Online Media
Below are two information sheets on the development of camp’s website and Facebook presence. I currently manage camp’s online presence including a website, email service, Facebook page, Twitter handle, and YouTube channel

Excerpts from New York YMCA Camp’s 2010 – 2011 Marketing and Communications Portfolio. Please email me to schedule a full review that includes all print media, digital media, social media, photography, and media placements.


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