How Five Guys Burgers won my heart

Driving back from VT on Sunday, Ashley and I made our first visit to a Five Guys Burgers and Fries. During our short visit, I noticed how enchanted customers were. When we left there was a line out the door and cars backed up in the parking lot waiting for spots! Here’s how Five Guys won my heart:

They keep things simple. The menu is no frills, combo meals, or fancy accessories. Burger, dog, fries, drink, toppings. Their packaging is a brown bag, paper cup, and tinfoil for the burger. No fuss.

They rewarded me with FREE. Everyone is instantly rewarded with free toppings. 16 choices and you can have them all for free.

They are polite under pressure. You could tell the kids behind the counter were exhausted, but they were always polite. The guy who handed me my bag, first handed it to me, didn’t drop it on the counter, then with direct eye contact thanked me for coming. That’s not the norm at the places local to me.

They build anticipation. While you stand and drool for your meal, everyone’s orders are lined up directly in front of you. First with the toppings then with the meat. It made receiving my meal that much greater.

Have you ever been to a Five Guys? What other eateries enchant you?


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