A simple skill filled with lessons

My father taught me many things, but few of them have stayed with me as a skill and memory. As I grow, life reminds me of these simple lessons and how such a simple skill can be a much deeper comment on experiencing life.

Kiwi. Nothing compares.

It is a simple skill with basic tools
From morning to night I surround myself with complex tools. I relish in them. My day starts out on Twitter and a cup of coffee. It continues with three computers, and ends with @mashable.

Polishing simplifies a specific moment during that day. It reminds me the importance of keeping things simple. A brush, two cloths, and polish.

It is a representation of you
I believe that shoes share many things about their owner. For this I’m referring to business or dress shoes. Before we have even been introduced, I’ve looked at your shoes.

Tomorrow I am attending an event for our association. Before pressing my shirt, I polished my shoes. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, take a look next time your at a meeting.

It encourages you to slow down
Slow down. Apply polish evenly and let dry. Take care when buffing so not to hit the shoe with handle of the brush. Reapply the polish. Buff with a cloth.

Polishing takes time, but it rewards patience and attention to detail. Everything in life rewards patience and attention to detail. Everything.

Caring and respect
Like any other relationship, my relationship to my dress shoes requires care and respect. I take care in extending their life. They take pride in representing me. My look, my style. For anyone who has owned a bad pair of shoes, you know how important this is.

I’ve been writing quite a bit more about lessons from the past. They seem to be relevant now. They seem to be expanding themselves into different areas of my life and my experience.


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