Getting it done with @GTDguy

Book of choice today, turning me into a GTD machine

Don’t judge this book by its cover, because it (the cover) is awful. But after reading Getting Things Done, I’m convinced it should be required during college. Seriously St. Rose, get on this. It’s time to properly prepare your students to enter a world where expectations are high and there is never enough time.

I spent the entire day creating tickler files, dominating a labeler, and emptying everything, yes everything from my inbox. Every 8 or 9 months I find it necessary to go back and reinstitute some of Allen’s ideas. Clearing out the junk allows me to focus on the tasks at hand, projects on the horizon, and most importantly energizes my creativity.

How do you keep everything organized at work? Don’t have a great answer? Spend the $9, and pick this book up.


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