Camp marketing: 90 minutes a week will yield results

Typing up this weeks marketing minutes gave me an idea for this post.

One of my responsibilities as communications coordinator at @nyycamp is holding weekly marketing meetings. By committing just 90 minutes each week toward our camp marketing we have seen a 16% increase in enrollment. Consistently evaluating our strategy has allowed us to respond to our community in an appropriate manner that yields results.

What have we done? Here are 5 points that make our meetings a success. I’ve kept them brief, each point goes many layers deep, but they are a great place to start. I hope you find them helpful in starting your own marketing meeting at camp.

1. Get the right people in the room.
Our core group consists of our executive director, associate executive / summer camp director, camp registrar, analytics staff, and myself. These are all individuals who have unique perspectives on marketing and communicating. They also have the power to make things happen.

2. Be clear on individual rolls.  
I think this goes beyond who runs the meeting, who reports on what, and who takes minutes. Here are a few roles that members fill.

  • Executive Director – How does our discussion relate to our mission.
  • Associate Executive – Who do you need, where, when, and what are they doing? How is it all getting done?
  • Camp Registrar – What stories and relationships are developing between camp and families?
  • analytics Staff – Strictly data driven. Great stories are wonderful, but don’t necessarily translate into registrations.
  • Communications Coordinator – Keep discussion moving and protect the brand. Balance stories with data.

3. Track enrollment against marketing campaigns.
Take time to look honestly at enrollment vs. marketing projects. Cut projects that are unsuccessful, evaluate others for their usefulness, and strengthen / improve existing project. This is the most productive conversation I have all week.

Lots of minds being honest. What worked, what didn’t, worth improving, or trashing?

4. Assign weekly reports
Leave no surprises when it comes to member expectations. Our weekly reports are:

  • Weekly cume of camper enrollment
  • Marketing results calendar
  • Completed projects
  • In-progress projects
  • Upcoming projects
  • Marketing opportunities

5. Assign tasks during the meeting
Make sure everyone leaves the meeting knowing what is expected of them. Nothing is worse than having a 20 minute discussion with a great outcome, but no one to execute it.

BONUS: Share minutes with everyone
People who didn’t attend the meeting care. They want to know what your think tank is doing. We have an open invitation for anyone to join us each week. Do they come? Hardly. But do they notice when the minutes are late? Of course.

I hope you found these ideas helpful. I’m interested in hearing any ideas you may have. What can we be doing better?


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