Twitter happy lists

Life without lists was getting a bit out of control.

This weekend I finally began utilizing the lists feature for Twitter. It’s a beautiful thing. Now I know I follow very few people, even less follow me, but I’m proud of who I choose to follow. I don’t follow just anyone who follows me. It’s my way of keeping Twitter a conversation; I care about who I follow and what they have to say.


How does one keep up with everyone’s tweets, especially close friends who tweet maybe once every few days? They can quickly get lost by the people who tweet 20 to 30 times a day.

My answer? Lists. People get added to lists, and I don’t have to worry about missing any. I’ve created seven:

  1. tweeps – friends
  2. network – acquaintances and professionals
  3. photography – sometimes video gets thrown in here too
  4. funny – @ConanOBrien
  5. SoMe-stream – Tweet about social media? Tweet about it A LOT?
  6. gaming – Mostly for IGN. What can I say? I love gaming.
  7. music – love the musics

Now I can continue to follow @DanielSharkov, but still find tweets from my friend @BrenOBRIEN. Perfect.

How are you using lists to your benefit?


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