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I’ve been talking more and more about social media to business owners the past few weeks. Some of them are very misinformed, so much that a few times it’s caught me off guard. So I decided to write down what I believe in (at this moment) on the topic of social media.

What do you believe in? How would you explain your philosophy to a client?

Social media is a tool that will enhance an established foundation built on strong values, good communication, and excellent service/products.

Building online communities through open communication.

Development and implementation of a social media strategy will result in conversations with one’s current community and future opportunities to communicate outside of one’s community. Through consistent communication, brand recognition, strong relationships, and marketing opportunities will become available.

Hierarchy of Social Media

  1. Communication
  2. Brand Recognition
  3. Engagement
  4. Marketing


  1. Knowledge of business
  2. Learning expectations
  3. Developing realistic strategy
  4. Implement strategy
  5. Monitor
  6. Reevaluate strategy based on analytics

SNEAK PEAK at my PodCamp slides

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The time is now for colleges and social media to meet

I love my alma mater, The College of Saint Rose. More than anything, the college allowed me to grow and learn from my mistakes. Man were there a lot of mistakes.

I follow St. Rose’s online presence quietly, but it’s time for them to join the game and start using social media to truly benefit their current and future students, along with their alumni.

Dear St. Rose, Here are the top 5 things you should be doing online right now. There is no reason that you can’t be a leader: Continue reading


Interactive Story Telling

I have a great friend Brendan O’Brien. He’s also a great storyteller. When ever he mentions writing scripts or filming videos, my mind goes numb with different ways we could create an interactive story.

There are two parts to this post:

How the different platforms can be used.
What a timeline might look like. Continue reading


G+ Open Office Hours

Goal To create a space where individuals can share and receive feedback on projects they are working on in the moment. Execution I’ll post to G+ a project that I’m working on at that very moment. I’m calling it G+ … Continue reading

I support local farmers, but no one is helping me share it

I’m proud to support two farmers’ markets.

Ash and I have gotten to know some of the farmers by name, and enjoy having fresh vegetables on the table each night. It’s definitely a community focused event.

But why isn’t Dover or Wentworth helping me share my love for the local farmers? Here is one simple idea that each market should be doing. NOTE: I’ve seen some general stickers around town, but nothing specific.

Stickers, yes stickers
Why? Because they are easy, get put any and everywhere and they are barrier free. Everyone knows what a sticker is, and what to do with it.

Partner with a local designer and tell them you want something that looks like this:

Once printed, give them away like crazy.

Exposure. The whole local, natural, food movement is big. Visiting a market is something most people can do. It’s easy, they can brag about it to their neighbors, and like the sticker says, it’s supporting local growers.

The people visiting the market love it. Help them share their story.

AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE Dover. Why the heck does Wentworth have a sign in the middle of town and you don’t? You’re ignoring the busiest intersection in town, no wonder why your market is so small.

Make your sign 2x as big as Wentworth's.